Yoga Question & Answer: “How Careful Do I Need to Be When Ending a Fast?”

whats-the-point-of-fastingAgain, in this week’s installment we change format a bit as we explore another audio clip from our “Living Yoga Immersion” at Old Town Yoga Studio, discussing another common question on the Yogic path. This week’s question: “I’ve heard it’s important not to end a fast with foods that are too heavy or that are ‘unhealthy.’ How big of an issue is this, and is it true even for a shorter fast, such as a single day?”

As always, we hope you’ll find the answer helpful, and warmly welcome your thoughts and experiences on the subject. And, if you happen to have a question about any aspect of the Yogic path, we’d be most delighted to share our thoughts on the subject – please feel free to comment below, or to write us via message at…

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