About Yoga Counseling

Yoga Counseling provides a unique, one-on-one opportunity to explore the ways in which the teachings  of Yoga philosophy can help you shift unconscious patterns and experience greater happiness in all avenues of life.

Sessions generally begin with learning to identify primary areas of challenge – whether at work, with family, or in personal relationships.  By becoming more conscious of our particular patterns and the issues that trigger them, we become better at noticing challenges as they arise.  This allows us to redirect our thoughts and actions in a more constructive way and ultimately enjoy greater peace — even amidst the natural challenges of daily life.

Along with identifying primary issues, we also learn to see the unconscious assumptions behind them.  By becoming aware of the limited or false beliefs that fuel our unconscious patterns, we build the ability to shift our actions.  We also build the capacity to see the mental patterns that create emotional tension and dis-ease and lead to choices that don’t serve us.  Through greater self-understanding, we can shift not only how we act but how we feel, experiencing greater peace in all circumstances.

Finally, as an integral part of this, we explore the various techniques of Yoga that we can use to increase both awareness and ease, including meditation, breathwork, self-study, and asana.  These tools can help reduce stress and improve mindfulness, helping us maintain peace and presence while dealing with the challenges of daily life.  By finding the specific practices that fit us, we develop a simple but reliable set of techniques that can help us navigate even the most challenging moments from a place of peace, presence, and openness….

The Form That Works for You…

Because we all process in different ways, Yoga Counseling can be done in person, via phone, through email, or in the combination that works for you.  Whether you prefer the convenience of phone, the more direct connection of meeting face-to-face, or the reflective opportunity provided by writing, our work together can be in the form and blend that fits you best.


Because I believe support should be affordable, I charge a sliding scale of $30-50 per hour, so clients can find the level that allows them to receive the care they deserve….

Free Initial Consultation / Scheduling a Session

To find out if Yoga Counseling might be right for you, I offer free email consultation.  Future sessions can then be scheduled in person, via phone, or continued via email, depending on the form that is most comfortable for you.  To learn more about how Yoga Counseling might serve you, I warmly invite you to write me at:   michaelmadhavan@hotmail.com

Common Questions

“Does Yoga Counseling require doing yoga?”

Not at all – while some clients find a physical practice to be a valuable part of their self-care routine, many prefer a more reflective approach.  My goal is to support each person in finding what works for him or her.  If you are drawn to the physical side, I am happy to help you build a daily routine, but if it doesn’t appeal, other practices are more than sufficient.

“Do I have to already be familiar with Yoga philosophy?”

Anyone can benefit from Yoga Counseling – even if you’re entirely new to Yoga philosophy.  My goal is to share the principles of Yoga in a way that resonates for you and applies to your unique situation.  As with the physical, I try to support clients in exploring the ideas of Yoga in the way that suits them – some through reading and study, but many simply through discussion and self-exploration.

“How is Yoga Counseling different from other forms of therapy?”

There are of course many forms of therapy, each with its unique benefits, however, there are two primary differences between Yoga Counseling and most other forms.  First, Yoga Counseling offers proven ways to identify the patterns that create discomfort in our lives, allowing us to readily see these when they arise and shift to healthier ways of thinking and in turn feeling.  Second and more important, Yoga Counseling gives us concrete tools that help us realize we are more than our patterns, allowing us to experience our natural peace and joy, even when our patterns (and the patterns of the people around us) are active.

“How frequent are sessions, and how long until I see results?”

Frequency is up to you – some like weekly sessions, particularly at the start, to build positive momentum and accelerate change, while others prefer a more open structure.  Whether you select regular appointments for greater reinforcement or a more relaxed approach in order to allow time to integrate ideas and practices, a wide range of approaches are available.  As a result, the time it takes to experience benefits varies based on the degree of investment, but most experience significant shifts in as little as a few sessions.

Michael Lloyd-Billington is a counselor, yoga instructor & personal trainer in Fort Collins, CO, with over 30 years’ experience as a teacher of meditation, Eastern philosophy, fitness, and physical & mental-health.