Personal Training

Are You Experiencing the Fitness & Wellness You’d Like…?

We all know that our degree of health & fitness profoundly influence our work, our time with family & friends, and our over-all quality of life.  And yet, most of us feel that we simply don’t have the time to achieve the wellness we’d enjoy.  My goal is to help people find simple, effective, enjoyable routines they can do in order to experience greater vitality & energy.  Whether you’re entirely new to training or coming from an athletic background, I can help you create a program that will fit your daily schedule as well as your personality, emphasizing the forms of training that feel good for you while moving toward your health & fitness goals.

Designed to Meet Your Temperament, Lifestyle & Goals

We all have not only different bodies, but also different lifestyles & goals.   That much said, I think all of us would like to have the basic fitness, strength & flexibility to feel comfortable not only in daily activities but also in the activities we enjoy, whether hiking or biking or work around the home.

But many of us struggle to find the time for so many goals.  I can teach you amazingly efficient but effective approaches that can help you move toward your goals in a minimum of time.  Many of us also struggle trying to find a way of eating that gives us joy & pleasure while also supporting the activity & health we desire.  I can help you move toward all of these goals, in the ratios and forms that are right for you….

Training can include any of the following, in the amounts that feel best for your body & your lifestyle:

  • Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular Fitness & Endurance
  • Core Stability & Functional Strength
  • Yoga/Mobility
  • Nutrition
  • Stress-Management & Over-All Health

Build an Efficient Routine You Can Perform at Home & with a Minimum of Equipment

An important part of my training is I help you find efficient routines you can do in the comfort of your home.  Gym training can be great, if it fits your temperament & you have a place you enjoy, but even then it can be hard to find the time.  And classes are wonderful, but we have to adapt our schedule to them & not the other way around.

I can show you effective, full-body workouts you can do at home and with a minimum of equipment & in less time than you would spend simply travelling to & from gym or class.  (And, for those who do enjoy training at a gym, I can show you how to make your time there far more efficient and effective….)

Share Better Health With a Partner or Friend

I offer affordable rates so you can share your training with a partner, a friend, or your family.  Sharing activity and other elements of a healthy lifestyle with the people close to us is not only a great way to connect, it’s also a wonderful way to make positive habits a lasting part of our lives….

Personal Training Rates

$40/hour, for individuals or couples/partners.* (*Yes, that’s just $20/person/hour.)

5-session package, $160 — all sessions can be used at your pace, allowing you to digest new ideas & exercises at your rate, adding new pieces when you’re ready.

Small-group packages also available — email me to learn more: