Question & Answer: Eating in Silence

In today’s offering at “The Living Yoga Blog” we share another audio clip from our “Living Yoga Immersion,” this week exploring the topic: “I know it would be good for me to eat in silence, but I have a hard time giving up the chance to connect with others….”     As mentioned in the reply, this is a common challenge.  Meals can of course be a valuable opportunity to connect […]

Stages of Mediation in the Eight Limbs of Yoga

In this week’s article at “The Living Yoga Blog” we conclude our exploration of the Eight Limbs with a look at the fifth through eighth limbs describing the progressive stages of meditation.  Because we’ve already discussed meditation in a previous article, today’s installment will focus more specifically on the relationship of the stages and how […]

Meditation, the Fundamental Technique of Yoga

We began our exploration of “Living Yoga” with a look at the key principles of the Yoga tradition, followed by an overview of each of the four major branches. In our next few articles, we’ll now take a closer look at the primary techniques, starting with the one we’ve seen to be central to all […]